The Myths That Make Us
Instagram Q&A Live #1

Instagram Q&A Live #1

April 28, 2020

I've been recording some Instagram Q&As during the pandemic. Y'all have been asking amazing questions after dancing with a few I knew I wanted to share them as a podcast. These are those.

My Dharma

My Dharma

April 21, 2020

This is a piece I call 'My Dharma.' I wrote it for the journaling course I recently released. I'm sharing it to give you all a deeper insight into why I do what I do, and I hope you inspires you to explore the journaling course. You can find it at buy clicking on 'Make Your Myth' in the top right. I love y'all.

Wyatt Hagerty’s Myth

Wyatt Hagerty’s Myth

April 13, 2020

Wyatt is one of my closest friends. He has a true gift, eye, and soul for videography, and is truly one of the sweetest and funniest brothers I have met. He's incredibly candid about his journey through chronic illness, the end of his basketball career, and he shares maybe the most intense story that has been shared on the podcast so far. He can be found @wyatthagerty on Instagram where he is sharing his deepest truths, business endeavors, favorite songs, and love for the world at large.




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Derek Pang’s Myth

Derek Pang’s Myth

April 7, 2020

Derek Pang was one of the first people I ever interviewed over three years ago, and today he returned to the podcast. You know how some people have 'bright eyes?' He has some of the brightest eyes I've ever met. He shares his journey through getting jumped and beaten so badly that he was left in a coma, and how he used yoga to heal himself, and how that path has now brought him to teach thousands of children how to use the power of breath, posture, and choice to hone their mind. He is a fucking light in this world, and you will feel his passion in this interview. Pang, thank you for what you do in the world and for coming on the podcast.



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